Petra Lea Art
Mixed media and collage artist
Original artwork
I explore textures through paint and colour balance. My collages are filled with whimsy.


My artwork mainly consists of paintings and collages.
The paintings are generally abstract, exploring emotional response, colour and form.These develop into landscapes or function on a purely emotional level.
The collages focus on the inability of communication to visualise reality, to reflect the dissonance between form and content and the dysfunctions of language. Through the juxtaposition of image and texts the viewer is
drawn into a world where they can create their own connections and stories.

Petra Lea Art

Abstraction and surrealism
Petra has been a practicing artist for many years and has taken part in many exhibitions throughout the UK, including exhibitions in London, Oxford and Harrogate.
She also curates exhibitions with national and international artists and is currently in the process of coordinating a Contemporary Arts Weekend.